City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



Remembering the 27 men from Leeds who gave their lives during 1918 whilst serving on board His Majesty's Royal Navy during World War One.

12th JANUARY 1918

                                                                                HMS NARBROUGH

 wrecked in a snowstorm off the Orkneys after hitting her sister ship the Opal mentioned below. 

BROOKE Frederick William Wireman 2nd Class M/25226 Drowned 12/01/1918 Aged 41. Born Leeds 02/03/1876 Vol 9b Page 575. Registered as Brook. Son of James Edward and Mary Amelia Ann Wilkinson Married Leeds Registered Building 1869. Husband of Mary Ann Peake Married Leeds Registered Building 1897 Vol 9b Page 904. Naval records state Unofficial wife Catherine Street 69 Marlborough Street Oldham. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

FOLEY Thomas Ordinary Seaman J/43706 Drowned 12/01/1918 Aged 21.Born Leeds 10/03/1896 Vol 9b Page 419. Son of John Henry and Annie Pentland Wood Married St Matthew Little London 1894 Vol 9b Page 766. CWGC 60 Salisbury Road Armley.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WALKER  Frederick William Able Seaman SS/5300 Drowned 12/01/1918 Aged 20. Born Dudley 27/07/1896 Sep 1897 Vol 6c Page 120. Son of Arthur Valentine and Annie Georgina Weston Married St George Leeds 1892 Vol 9b Page 534.. CWGC/1911 Residence 11 Roscoe Terrace Chapeltown Road Occupation Errand Boy. Served at the Battle of Jutland in HMS Comus. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


12th JANUARY 1918

                                                                                      HMS OPAL

Sank after hitting Rocks in a snow storm off Scapa Flow H.M.S Narborough her sister ship rammed her causing her to sink costing all lives from both ships bar one.

APPLEYARD Hilton Ordinary Seaman J/63202 Drowned Aged 20. Born Temple Newson 10/12/1897 Vol 9b Page 294. Son of Joseph Henry and Alice Barker Married St Luke Beeston Hill 1891. CWGC/1911 Residence 16 Kimberley View Harehills Lane Occupation Apprentice Butcher.

 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

CHAFFER James Charles Ordinary Seaman J/63202 Drowned Aged 19. Born Leeds 17/05/1897 Lied about age. Jun 1899 Vol 9b Page 544. Son of Charles Hamshaw and Priscilla Fox Married All Souls Leeds 1897 Vol 9b Page 815. 1911 Residence 10 Delaware Street at School.

Remembered on Plymouth Naval Memorial.

11th FEBRUARY 1918

                                                                                   HMS CULLIST

Special Q-ship cargo steamship Westphalia serving as Cullist torpedoed and sunk by German U Boat 97 in Irish Sea North East of Dublin with the loss of 45 men.

HOBAN Richard Edward J/54372 11/02/1918 Aged 20. Born Ilkley 07/02/1897. Son of Edward and Emily Mitchell Married Leeds Registered Building 1882. CWGC 7 Carr Place Leeds. Naval Record Calverly Cottage Calverley Street Leeds.


 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


09th MARCH 1918

                                                                                                  HMS ALBACORE

was Mined and damaged in the North Sea off the Orkneys a total of 17 men were lost.

THOMPSON Robert Pannett Leading Seaman 239905 Drowned 09/03/1917 Aged 25. Born Cudworth 1891 Vol 9b Page 169. Son of William John W and Annie Calvert Married Whitby 1877 Vol 9d Page 664. Husband of Lily Sutcliffe Married St Stephen's Burmantofts 1916 Vol 9b Page 690. CWGC 19 East Grove Street Burmantofts.

Remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial.  

19th APRIL 1918

                                                                                  HMS PEMBROKE

 In September 1917 Bombers hit the Chatham area causing the loss of 136 men. Frank was in the training barracks at the time.

NELSON Frank Millar Ordinary Seaman Z/11676 19/04/1918 Aged 18. Born Son of  Annie CWGC 68 Argie Road Burley Hill Leeds. Laid to Rest in Leeds General Cemetery Woodhouse this is now a park he is now Remembered at Lawnswood Cemetery


12th MARCH 1918

                                                                                  HMS GABRIEL

A mine layer HMS Gabriel was sold for scrap in 1921. 

JONES Walter Ordinary Seaman J/40796 Unknown 12/03/1918 Aged 19. Born Leeds 30/10/1898. Son of Richard and Eliza. CWGC/Naval Record 2 Upper Cornhill Lemon Street York Street Leeds.

 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.


24th MAY 1918 

                                                                                                 HM Trawler YUCCA

Lost when hit a mine in the North Sea. A total of 7 men lost their lives. Other 6 mentioned below.

RODGERS Arthur Stoker 2nd Class K/48056 Drowned 24/05/1918 Aged 18. Born Leeds 22/06/1899 Son of Francis Died 1907 and Sarah Pike Brown Married St Jude Potteryfield Hunslet 1897. CWGC/Naval Record 41 Clarence Road Hunslet. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HORTON George Humphrey Engineman Born 22/11/1875 Woolwich.

JOHNSON Walter Arthur Deck Hand Born 07/05/1896 Great Yarmouth.

PINKNEY Francis John Engineman Born 04/10/1894 Wellingham Suffolk. Wrong date of Death 1916 given on CWGC. 

SIMPSON  John Henry Deck Hand Born 20/08/1893 Bridlington.

THOMPSON John William Morwood Trimmer Born 02/04/1898 Barton Upon Humber.

WATERS Edward John Trimmer Born 18/05/1879 Weston Suffolk.


16 JULY 1918

                                                                                    HMS ANCHUSA

Launched 21/04/1917 she was sunk by U Boat 54 off the coast of Ireland on 16 July 1918 with the loss of 79 lives.

EVERS Robert Boy 1st Class J/51788 16/07/1918 Aged 17. Born Aberford 02/12/1900. Son of Robert and Margaret Morley Hargraves Married Garforth 1894. At time of Roberts death Margaret was residing at 2 Brentwood Flemingate Beverley. CWGC/1911 Remembered Plymouth Naval Memorial.   SEE TADCASTER PHOTO

24th JULY 1918

                                                                                    HMS PINCHER

Hit rocks at 03.30 hours off the Cornish Coast near Lands End after leaving Davenport for Scotland.

TILLEY George William Leading Stoker K/7660 24/07/1918 Aged 33. Born Wortley 11/07/1886 Vol 9b Page 382. Son of Benjamin Henry and Matilda Green Married Wolverhampton 1872. Husband of Kate Johnson Married Holy Trinity Armley Hall 1917. CWGC 5 Stapleton Road New Wortley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


05th AUGUST 1918

                                                                                  HMS LLEWELLYN

A destroyer that was used for escorting troops from England to France and patrolling the English Channel.  

WILSON Wilfred John Stoker 1st Class K/34811 Died of Disease Aged 21. Born Leeds 23/06/1897. Son of William and Annie Brunton Married 1894 St Clement Church Sheepscar CWGC/Navy Record 3 Weller View Stony Rock Lane Burmantofts. Laid to Rest Harehills Cemetery Leeds.


29th AUGUST 1918

                                                                                      HMS VIVID

WOOLASS Arthur Sidney Leading Seaman J/1284 Died from Disease 29/08/1918 Aged 27. Born Leeds 24/09/1891. Son of Joseph and Mary Husband of Lily Pill Married St Austell 1918 Vol 5c Page 155. CWGC St. John's Vicarage Penzance. Naval record Residence The Fields Mount Charles St Austell Cornwall. Laid to Rest St Austell Cemetery Cornwall.


16th SEPTEMBER 1918

                                                                                    HMS GLATTON

At 18.15 whilst in Dover Harbour an explosion ignited Cordite and killed 60 men. HMS Glatton had only been with the Royal Navy for five days. Admiral Keyes ordered all crew off the ship and after three attempts she was torpedoed. This was becauce there was a fear that if she exploded she would take part of Dover with her killing thousends of civilians. HMS Glatton was moved after the war and was covered by landfill and now lies under the present car terminal.

SHAW Alfred Bernard Writer 3rd M/22794 KILLED 16/09/1918 Aged 28. Born East Leeds 03/11/1889 Vol 9b Page 418. Son of Alfred Henry and Jane Elliott Married St Saviour Cross Green 1878 Vol 9b Page 588. CWGC/ Naval Record 176 Pontefract Lane Cross Green. Laid to Rest Gillingham Woodlands Cemetery.

07th OCTOBER 1918

                                                                                    HMS PENN

DODGSON Charles Henry Ordinary Seaman J/65012 Died from Disease 07/10/1918 Aged 19. Born Scarbrough 18/07/1898. Son of Harry and Annie E Navy Record 45 Tonbridge Street Leeds. Laid to Rest Scarborough Manor Road Cemetery. Leeds Roll of Honour.


07th NOVEMBER 1918

                                                                      HM DRIFTER RAMBLING ROSE

Built 1911 Hired by the Royal Navy in 1915 as a Mine Sweeper. Used again as a Boom Defence vessel in WW2, scrapped in 1946. 

PORRITT Albert Jackson Ordinary Seaman J/75943 Died from Pneumonia 07/11/1918 Aged 19. Born Leeds 10/06/1899 Vol 9b. Son of William Alfred and Eliza Baumber Married St Mathias Burley 1898. CWGC/Naval Record 8 Holderness Terrace Kings Road.

 Laid to Rest Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.


07th NOVEMBER 1918

                                                                                HMS IRON DUKE

A battleship built in 1912. 

DARBY Charles Frederick Able Seaman J/35968 Died from Disease Aged 19. Born Moortown 18/01/1899. Son of Harry and Sarah Lyons Married St John Moor Allerton 1892. Vol 9b Page 807. Naval Record Scotland Mill Cottage Adel. 1911 at School 27 Highbury Rd Headingley. Laid to Rest Dunfirmline Cemetery Scotland. Remembered St Chads Far Headingley.


13th NOVEMBER 1918

                                                                                   HMS CHARON

SPURR David Able Seaman SS/4971 DIED from Disease 13/11/1918 Aged 23. Born Leeds 21/11/1895. Son of David and Annie Eliza Brown Married St Peter with St Cuthbert Hunslet Moor 1883. CWGC/Naval Record 25 Ganton Mount Woodhouse. Laid to Rest Dar es Salaam Upanga Road Cemetery Tanzania Africa.


28th DECEMBER 1918

                                                                                 HMS CHATHAM

DAVIES Thomas Boy 1st Class J/48302 Died from Disease 28/12/1918 Aged 19. Born Leeds 18/09/1899. Son of Albert and Sarah  CWGC 11 Sunbeam Avenue Beeston Hill. Laid to Rest Hunslet Old Cemetery.


                                                                  HMS VICTORY 1

A Land Based Ship an accounting and holding barracks at Portsmouth later renamed HMS Nelson.

BUCKLEY  Edgar Ordinary Seaman J65625 Died from Disease 05/03/1917 Aged 29. Born Huddersfield 02/10/1887. Husband of Alice Mary Oldham Married Ripon Vol 9a Page 140. 31 Austhorpe Road Cross Gates. Laid to Rest Royal Naval Cemetery Haslar Gosport Hampshire.

MOSS Harry Walter J/84318 Ordinary Seaman Died From Disease 14/04/1918 Aged 18. Born Cape Town South Africa 02/11/1899. Son of Walter and Sarah Jane 1911/CWGC Residence 13 Disraeli Street Dewsbury Road at School. Laid to Rest Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery Gosport Hampshire.

WALTON Albert J/29140 Died from Disease 12/11/1918 Aged 21. Born Leeds 29/11/1897. Baptised St Marks Woodhouse 05/01/1898. Son of John William and Annie Sowden Married St Marks Woodhouse 1892 Vol 9b Page 842. CWGC 30 Cardigan Tee Kirkstall Road Leeds. Laid to Rest Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery Gosport Hampshire.


                                                                  HMS VICTORY

Land based Barracks at Portsmouth

BURKE John William Ordinary Seaman J/68550 Died from Disease 23/04/1918 Aged 19. Born Leeds 07/01/1899. Son of Thomas Edward and Minnnie Elizabeth Pawson Married 1897 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 71 Bayswater Mount Roundhay Road. Laid to Rest Harehills Cemetery Leeds.

DIXON Newton Stoker 1st Class SS/116854 Died from Disease 04/03/1918 Aged 24. Born Leeds 07/05/1894. Son of John and Ellen Eliza Legge Married Manchester 1889. CWGC 18 Meynell Street Kirkstall Road. Naval Record 4 Bayswater Grove Roundhay Road. 1911 Residence 2 Harewood Street. Occupation Clerks To Excavator Buried at Sea Remembered on Potsmouth Memorial.

FIELDHOUSE Llewellyn Stoker 2nd Class K/54050 Died from Disease 10/10/1918 Aged 17. Born Craig Hill Horsforth 24/09/1900. Son of Fred Ellis W and Jessie Andrina Bates Married Horsforth 1897. CWGC 3 Haddon Road Burley. Naval Record 104 Hyde Park Road Leeds. Laid to Rest Haslar Royal Naval Hospital Gosport.

PICK Henry Wireman 2nd Class M/32640 Died from Disease 03/11/1918 Aged 18. Born 30/04/1900. Son of John Henry and Fanny Ellen Beatrice Gattrell Married 1898 Leeds Vol 9b Page 852. 1911/Naval Record Residence 3 Prospect Buildings New Wortley at school. 

Laid to Rest Haslar Royal Naval Hospital Gosport.