City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



Remembering the 17 men from Leeds who gave their lives during 1917 whilst serving on board His Majesty's Royal Navy Ships during World War One

09th MARCH 1917

                                                                                  HMS ALBACORE

Mined and damaged in the North Sea off the Orkneys. Robert lost his life along with 16 other men.

THOMPSON Robert Pannett Leading Seaman 239905 Royal Navy Killed 09/03/1917 Aged 25. Born Cudworth 1891 Vol 9b Page 169. Son of William John W and Annie Calvert Married Whitby 1877 Vol 9d Page 664. Husband of Lily Sutcliffe Married St Stephen's Burmantofts 1916 Vol 9b Page 690. CWGC 19 East Grove Street Burmantofts. Remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial.


17th MARCH 1917

                                                                                   HMS PARAGON

Sunk by a torpedo off Calais at about 2250 with only 2 survivors.

GIBBONS Thomas Ordinary Seaman J/62567 17/03/1917 Aged 19. Born Leeds 09/07/1897. Son of Patrick and Catherine McGinty Married Holbeck District Registered Building 1897. CWGC 39 Water Lane Holbeck. 1911 Residence 41 George Street Old Goole Occupation Bakers Errand Boy. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


17th JUNE 1917

                                                                                    HMS TARTAR

Struck a mine in the Dover straites killing 48 men in total.

CHAPMAN Charles Edward Able Seaman J/43746 KIA Aged 18. Born Holbeck 20/10/1898 Vol 9b Page 316. Son of George and Loiusa Wilcockson Married Burnley 1889. Naval Record 37 Brookfield Avenue Harshills. 1911 Residence 36 Bellbrooke Avenue Harehills at School. Leeds Roll of Honour

PRIESTLEY William Stoker 1st Class K/31827 KIA Aged 32. Born Leeds 17/02/1885. Son of Alice.  Husband of Mary Ann Little Married 1910 Vol 9b Page 499 Holy Trinity Armley Hall. Navy Record 9 Cross Cardigan Terrace Off Kirkstall Road. 1911 Residence 5 Redshaw Mount Wortley Occupation Railway Engine Stoker.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


09th JULY 1917

                                                                                HMS VANGUARD

HMS Vanguard was off Scapa Flow when she suddenly blew up at around midnight, it is thought it was caused by a magazine explosion in one of the two magazines which served the amidships turrets P and Q. 804 men were reported to be lost. MEN

BOYES Herbert Arthur Ordinary Seaman J/40636 DIED 09/07/1917 Aged 28. Born Hull 03/11/1898 Vol 9d Page 311.  Son of Arthur and Annie Seaman Married Sculcoates 1896Vol 9d Page 408. CWGC 10 Sweet Street Holbeck. 1911 Residence 8 Water Street Holbeck at School. Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

COX William Able Seaman J/417266 DIED 09/07/1917 Aged 21. Born 07/05/1895 Jun 1896 Vol 9b Page 375. Son of William and Mary Ellen Craven Married 1885 St John The Baptist New Wortley Vol 9b Page 462. CWGC/1911 Residence 29 Elsworth Street Armley Road Occupation Grocers Assistant. George Frederick his brother lost a son in WW2 whilst serving on HMS Mahratta Able Seaman George Frederick Cox

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

DICKINSON Oliver Ordinary Seaman J/35188 DIED 09/07/1917 Aged 18. Born Armley 14/04/1899 Vol 9b Page 393. Son of James Harrison and Eliza Cotton Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 1889 Vol 9b Page 673. 1911 Residence 1 Canal Mill Yard of Armley Road at School. Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

LORD Walter Boy 1st Class J/48635 DIED 09/07/1917 Aged 17. Born Burley 27/09/1899 Vol 9b Page 526. Son of Benjamin and Ann Elizabeth Whiteley Married St Mathias Burley 1887 Vol 9b Page 599. CWGC 14 Walworth Place Burley. 1911/Naval Record 11 LennoxStreet Milford Place Kirkstall Road at School. 


 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial. 

09th JULY 1917

                                                                                   HMS NYMPHE

Was alongside HMS Vanguard which exploded at Scapa Flow.

PULLAN Arthur Able Seaman SS/5301 09/07/1917 Aged 20. Born Potter Street Jack lane Leeds 19/12/1896 Vol 9b Page 491. Son of James and Ada Burnand Married St John The Baptist New Wortley 1889 Vol 9b Page 566.  CWGC/1911 Residence Housekeeper 12 Pitfield Place Hunslet. 1911 Residence 13 Woolwich Street Holbeck Occupation Wood Cutter. He enlisted in 1915 being posted to HMS Burham serving in the Mediteranean before being transfered to HMS Nymphe. 

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


21st AUGUST 1917

                                                                                       HMS VALA

Sunk by German U Boat 54 West of France with the loss of 43 men.

THOMPSON Leonard Ordinary Telegraphist J/34769 KIA Aged 19. Born Leeds 22/07/1898 Vol 9b Page 462.  Son of Arthur and Hannah Batley Married 1891 St Stephen and St Agnes Burmantofts Vol 9b Page 669. Naval Record/CWGC 14 Westbury Terrace off Barnaby Road Hunslet. 1911 Residence 21 Alan Terrace at School. 

 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.


23rd SEPTEMBER 1917

                                                                               HMS VENERABLE

Saw action in 1914 bombarding the Belgium coast, 1915 at Gallipoli and the Adriatic into 1916 sold for scrap in 1920

HALL William Brasier Engineer Commander 23/09/1917 DIED Aged 42. Born Leeds 1875. Baptised 21/03/1875 St George Leeds Son of Joseph and Annie Robinson Married St Mark Church Woodhouse 1874. CWGC Served on the Belgian Coast and in Persian Gulf. 1911 Residence Bombay India Occupation Royal Navy on board HMS Fox Lieutenant Engineer. 

Laid to Rest Stonehouse St Cyr Churchyard Extension Gloucestershire.


26th NOVEMBER 1917

                                                                                  HMS OSIRIS II

An old P and O ferry used between Italy and Egypt before the war. Used as a Submarine transport ship scrapped in 1922.

LISTER  George Able Seaman SS/6623 Unknown Death 26/11/1917 Aged 22. Born Leeds 06/03/1895. Son of William Alfred and Isabella Servant Married St Mark Woodhouse 1887. CWGC 11 Leamington Street Tong Road Armley. Residence 1911 20 Pannington Street Woodhouse Occupation Bricklayer. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


12th DECEMBER 1917

                                                                                  HMS PARTRIDGE

HMS Partridge Captained by Lieutenant Commander Reginald H Ranson left Lerwick with a convoy for Bergen Norway. At 11.45 HMS Partridge was hit by two torpedoes and sank off the Norwegian Coast. The German destroyers sank all six merchant ships and the trawler escorts only HMS Pellow survived. In total 74 men were lost.

WHITELEY Sidney Ordinary Seaman J/61741 12/12/1917 Aged 23. Born Leeds 31/05/1894. Son of Thomas Henry and Lillia Ramsden Married St Mathias Burley 1890 Vol 9b Page 593. CWGC 8 Grange View Chapeltown Road. 1911 Residence 12 New Briggate Occupation Hairdressers Assistant. Brother Private Charles Whiteley 10th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment gave his life at Fricourt on 01/07/1916. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


13th DECEMBER 1917

                                                                                   HMS STEPHEN FURNESS

Torpedoed by German U Boat 64 between the bridge and the funnel at 16.15 hrs in the Irish sea off Contrary Head West Coast of the Isle of Man. She was on her way to Liverpool for repairs and had left Lerwick at 1400 hrs on Tuesday 11/12/1917. 99 men were lost.

ATKINSON John Ernest Boy 1st Class J/50189 KIA Aged 17. Born at Scarborough 09/02/1900 Vol 9d Page 417. Son of Ada no father name. CWGC 11 Servia Grove Meanwood Road Leeds. 1911 Residence with Grandmother 109 Victoria Road Scarborough at School. 

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

BUCKROYD John Edwin Able Seaman J/28417 KIA Aged 21 Born Armley 25/09/1896 Vol 9b Page 374. Baptised Holy Trinity Armley Hall 18/04/1897. Son of James Edward and Mary Ann Morgan Married St Saviour Cross Green 1891 Vol 9b Page 823. 1911 Residence 12 Forres Street Meanwood Road. Occupation Cloth finisher. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Leeds Roll of Honour. Remembered St Michaels Buslingthorpe.

HESELTINE Willie Armourer's Crew M/7833 KIA Aged 22. Born Pontefract 21/01/1895 Vol 9c Page 137. Baptised All saints Pontefract 13/03/1895. Son of James Crosby and Ada Asquith Married Pontefract 1893 Vol 9c Page 181. CWGC/1911 Residence 51 Compton Crescent Harehills Occupation Fitters Apprentice. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

23rd DECEMBER 1917

                                                                                   HMS TORRENT

Hit a mine off Rotterdam Holland along with two other destroyers HMS Tornado and HMS Suprise in all 252 men were lost.

SCOTT Clarence Leading Telegraphist J/31016 KIA Aged 20. Born Leeds 28/04/1897 Vol 9b Page 470. Son of Johnathan and Eliza Medd Married St Stephen and St Agnes Burmantofts 1897 Vol 9b Page 458 CWGC/1911 Residence  35 Brownhill Crescent Harehills Lane Occupation Hurrier in a coal mine.


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.