City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.




Remembering the 52 men from Leeds who gave their lives during 1916 whilst serving on board His Majesty's Royal Navy during World War One

17th JANUARY 1916

                                                                           HM TRAWLER FULMAR

Commanded by Lieutenant James Alexander Cowie and hit a mine and sunk in the Gulf of Sollum in the Mediteranean off Egypt. In all 15 men lost their lives.

BECKWITH Ernest William Boy Telegraphist J/40297 17/01/1916 Aged 17. Born Leeds 04/09/1898 Vol 9b Page 392. Son of Walter and Mary Ann Barwick Married 1882 All Saints Leeds Vol 9b Page 513. CWGC 18 Raincliffe Street York Road. Remembered Plymouth Naval Memorial.


29th FEBRUARY 1916

                                                                                 HMS ALCANTARA

Commanded by Captain Thomas Erskine Wardle and was sunk in a battle with German ship grief around 11.00 am.

GREEN Walter Clifford Electrician 29/02/1916 Aged 27. Born Leeds Vol 9b Page 534. Son of Walter James Ernest and Annie Maria Ellen Sloan Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 1887 Vol 9b Page 609. CWGC/1911 Residence 53 Albert Avenue Hull Occupation Electrical Engineer. Remembered on Plymouth Naval Memorial.



Click below to find details of those 39 men who gave their lives during the Battle of Jutland. 

31 May 1916



05th JUNE 1916

                                                                                  HMS HAMPSHIRE

Struck a mine laid by German U Boat 75 at 19.40 hrs between the Brough of Birsay and Marwick Head Scotland. made famous as Lord Kitchiner was onboard. In total 643 men lost their lives. Learn about the Hampshire at Jane Elizabeth Storey excellent website Click Here.

BEVERLEY Robert Able Seaman J/15794 Drowned Aged 20. Born Leeds 31/01/1896. Son of William and Miriam Greenwood Married St Matthew Holbeck 1891. CWGC/1911 Residence 4 Stead Street Domestic Street Holbeck Occupation Bundler of Firewood.


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

BROWN David Cliff Driver 39661 43rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery Drowned Aged Born 23/06/1883 Baptised 11/07/1883 St Jude Hunslet. Son of William and Elizabeth Jane Hanson Married 1869 St Jude Potteryfield Hunslet. 1911 David was in India in the Army. Husband of Lizzie Hewitt Married 1915 Leeds Registered Building. Lizzie was left £4,16 Shilling and 10 pence and 10 guineas. The piece found in the Leeds Mercury explains why David was onboard the HMS Hampshire. (Brigadier General Wilfred Ellershaw)


Remembered Hollybrook Memorial Southampton.

FOTHERGILL Edwin Able Seaman 186166 PO Drowned Aged 37. Born 04/12/1888 Middlesbrough. Son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth  Naval Records No 18 Wood View Mount Dewsbury Road. Husband of Marie Peach Borrowdale Married 1907 Auckland County Durham. 1911 Edwin was On board HMS Doris in Gibraltar.


Laid to Rest Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery Orkney.

HARGREAVES Joseph Harold K/27211 Stoker 1st Class Drowned Aged 27. Born Gildersome 10/04/1889 Vol 9b Page 365. Son of  Samuel Hedley And Mary Duxbury Married Dewsbury 1888 Vol 9b Page 904. Naval Record/1911 Residence 6 Green Top Wortley Occupation Bath Maker Sanitary. Laid to Rest Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery Orkney.

JEWITT Lewis M/12470 Cooks Mate Drowned Aged 20. Born Leeds 03/06/1896 Vol 9b Page 415. Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Hill Married Howden 1892 Vol 9d Page 141. No 18 Stratford Street Dewsbury Road Leeds. 1911 Residence 25 Bellbrooke Place Harehills Occupation Butcher Errand Boy. 


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

KNOWLSON James Wilfred Cook's Mate M/116S9 Drowned Aged 21.Born Leeds 13/07/1894 Vol 9b Page 412. Son of James and Ellen Beckwith Married Holy Trinity Leeds 1889 Vol 9b Page 741. CWGC 14 Clark Mount Clark Lane. 1911 Residence 48 Dent Street Occupation Baker. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

McGOWAN Francis George Ordinary Seaman J/46405 Drowned Aged 27. Born Leeds 12/12/1888. Son of  Sarah 11 Barking Terrace Chantrell Street York Road. 1911 Residence a Boarder at 10 Dawlish Avenue Occupation Printer's Packer.  Laid to Rest Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery Orkney

NOWLAND Fred Stoker 1st Class K/28357 Drowned Aged 23. Born Leeds 16/01/1893 Vol 9b Page 326. Son of Henry and Mary Ann Wilson Married 1892 St Luke Beeston Hill Vol 9b Page 508. CWGC/1911 residence 6 Little Town Terrace off Elland Road Holbeck Occupation Printers Labourer.


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

ROBERTS Percy Bentley Chief Armourer 344639 Drowned Aged 33. Born Wakefield 05/098/1883. Son of Frederick Arthur and Elizabeth Burdett Married 27/02/1881 St Michael Wakefield 1911 19 Peel St Off Pearson St Hunslet.  Husband of Mary Jane CWGC 53 Percy Road Southsea. Laid to Rest Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery Orkney. Remembered St Mary Hunslet.

SMITH Albert Stoker 1st Class SS/114387 Drowned Aged 20. Born Wortley 03/07/1895 Son of William Charles and Mary Ann Thompson Married 1888 Vol 9b Page 386. CWGC 16 Winford Street New Wortley.

 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

STEAD Edmund Ordinary Telegraphist J/35189 Drowned Aged 17. Born Otley 23/10/1899 Vol 9a Page 139.  Son of Arthur and Rachel Ann Wilson Married Otley 1896 Vol 9a Page 315. CWGC 3 Beamsley Place Burley. 1911 Residence 5 Bank Parade Otley At School Paper Boy. Enlisted into the Navy at the end of 1914 aged 15.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WILSON Arthur Ordinary Seaman J/32277 Drowned Aged 19. Born Leeds 27/02/1898 Son of James and Eliza Marshall Married Leeds Registered Building 1897 Vol 9b Page CWGC 27 Penn Street Argyle Road. 1911 Residence 3 Burrell Terrace Shannon Street Occupation Combing Pin Manufacturing Engineering. 

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WILSON Benjamin James Leading Stoker K/20850 Drowned Aged 28. Born Leeds 08/08/1888 Vol 9b Page 498. Baptised 23/08/1888 St Philip Leeds. Son of George and Lena  CWGC Son-in-law of William Verity 10 Bosnia Terrace Whingate Armley. Husband of Minnie Verity Married 1909 St Peter Leeds Parish Church Vol 9b Page 764. 1911 Residence Off Felixstowe Suffolk onboard HMS Foxhound Occupation Royal Navy Stoker. Wife Minnie with Father at 7 Rosnia Terrace Armley Occupation Weaver. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

14th AUGUST 1916

                                                                                    HMS GLASGOW

Took part in the Battle of Coronal November 1914 and again at the Battle of Falklands in early 1915, was also present at Gallipoli.

MITCHELL Horace Stoker 1st Class K/26493 DIED Illness 14/08/1916 Aged 22.Born Bramley 02/12/1893. Son of Fred and Ada Mary Stewart Married Bramley Vol 9b Page 402.  CWGC/1911 Residence 14 Cautley Place Bramley Occupation Domestic Gardener. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


11th SEPTEMBER 1916 

                                                                             HM SUBMARINE "D6"

OXLEY Gilbert Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 271718 Drowned 11/09/1916 Aged 35. Born Elsecar Near Barnsley 21/01/1882 Vol 9c Page 223. Son of George and Alethea Hoyland Married 1881 Vol 9c Page 647. Husband of Grace Annie CWGC 3 Francis Grove Beeston Hill. Mentioned in Despatches. Mentioned in Dispatches 01/01/1917.


Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


15th SEPTEMBER 1916

                                                                     Royal India Marine Ship DALHOUSIE

A troop ship and then used off the coast of Basra as troop ship accomadation.

DUNNINGTON George Stoker 1st Class 302957 DIED of Desease 15/09/1916 Aged 34. Born Burley 01/01/1882 Son of George and Emily Greig Married 1881 Vol 9b Page 668. 1911 Residence HMS Exmouth Malta Occupation Royal Navy Stoker 1st Class. Laid to Rest Baghdad North Gate War Cemetery Iraq.


23rd October 1916








 A minesweeper launched February 1916. Sunk By U Boat 57 in the Atlantic off the coast of West Ireland with a loss of 79 lives

FOWLER Fred Ordinary Seaman J/47458 23/10/1916 Aged 21. Son of Richard and Ann CWGC St.Bernard's  Gildersome.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


26th OCTOBER 1916

                                                                                      HMS FLIRT

Sank at the Battle of Dover Strait when the Germans tried to disturb the minefiled nets in the straits. HMS Flirt Commanded by Lieutenant Richard Pinder Kellett  sank immediatly whilst picking up survivors from another ship after being torpedoed by a German Destroyer.

FOUNTAIN George Able Seaman J/58111 26/10/1916 Aged 30. Born Leeds. 19/07/1886 Vol 9b Page 527. Son of William and Fanny Clapham Married St Mathias Burley 1874 Vol 9b Page 520. Husband of Hannah Elizabeth Sowden Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 03/07/1915 Vol 9b Page 905. CWGC 12 Elmfield Avenue Oldfield Lane Wortley. 1911 Residence 62 Aston View Bramley Occupation  Printers Assistant at the Yorkshire Post. Enlisted into the Royal Navy August 1916.


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

NEEDHAM Christopher Cooper Stoker 1st Class K/27007 Drowned Aged 20. Born 24/01/1896 Baptised St Simon Leeds. Son of George Dickinson Needham and Sarah Ellen Gray Married 31/08/1895 St Peters Leeds. 1911 No 38 Dawlish Mount York Road Occupation railway Van Boy. Enlisted into the Navy 15/06/1915.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


21st DECEMBER 1916

                                                                                      HMS NEGRO

was sunk after a collision with HMS Hoste in the North Sea.

HOWELL Arthur Officer's Steward 2nd Class L/2054 Drowned 21/12/1916 Aged 21. Born Leeds 27/09/1893. Son of Walter and Annie Elizabeth Holroyd Died Aged 26 1897 Vol 9b Page 396 Married 1891 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC Husband of Louisa Dalgliesh White (formerly Howell) 268 Canongate Edinburgh. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.