City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



Remembering the 7 men from Leeds who gave their lives during 1915 whilst serving on board His Majesty's Royal Navy during World War One 

01st JANUARY 1915

HMS FORMIDABLE Commanded by Captain Loxley was sunk by two torpedoes from German submarine U 24, about 20 miles off Start Point Portland at 2 am whilst on excercises. Formidable was the first Battleship to be sunk in WW1. The first torpedo hit the number one boiler port side, the second about 45 minutes later caused the ship to list heavily to starboard, sinking it in less than two hours. 547 men lost their lives with 233 surviving.

ASHBY Sidney Ordinary Seaman J/19260 KIA 01/01/1915 Aged 18. Born Battersea London 01/05/1896. Son of George Edward and Lydia Agnes Kettle Married Battersea London Vol 1d Page 589. CWGC 23 Far Fold Armley.

Survivor Seaman William Henry Fletcher of Stanningley stated the following during an article about his escape from the Formidable.



Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

11th MARCH 1915

HMS BAYANO under the command of Commander Henry Cecil Carr was ten miles from Corsewall Point Stranraer Scotland when she was attacked by German U Boat 27 at 05.15 am whilst on her way to Liverpool from Clyde to collect coal. 181 Men and 14 Officers lost their lives. Details from my other website Arthur Archer

BARRATT Fred Able Seaman SS/803 KIA Aged 28. Born Leeds 03/08/1886 Vol 9b Page 563. Son of James and Elizabeth Hill Married Lincoln 1864. Husband of Nellie Mosby Married St Mathias Burley 1913 Vol 9b Page 563. CWGC 7 Lilian Street Burley Leeds. Residence 1911 267 Kirkstall Road Occupation Labourer. 


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

BELL Richard Harry William Able Seaman 232469 KIA Aged 25. Born Wakefield 24/11/1888 Vol 9c Page70. Son of William and Martha. Married Husband of Ellen P Williamson Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 1911 Vol 9b Page 396. CWGC 2 Roseberry Terrace Kirkstall Road.

YEP 11/03/1916

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


                                                         13th MAY 1915                                                                            

HMS GOLIATH under the command of Captain Thomas Lawrie Shelford  went to the Dardanelle's in April 1915 and supplied gunfire support at Cape Helles. HMS Goliath was damaged by Turkish Gun fire on the 28th April 1915 and again on the 2nd May 1915. At 01.15 am HMS Goliath was torpedoed by the Turkish torpedo boat Muavenet off the coast of Cape Helles Gallipoli Turkey which was manned by a German crew and sank quickly with the loss of 570 men.

EWART Harry Able Seaman J/8799 KIA 13/05/1915 Aged 22. Born Leeds 03/04/1893. Son ofJames and Margaret Ellen Demaine Married Leeds Registered Building 1896. CWGC 21 Lyndhurst Street Burmantofts. 1901 Residence 24-26 York Street Leeds. 1911 residence Newton Abbott Devon Occupation Royal Navy Boy Ice. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


27th MAY 1915

At 11.15 am HMS PRINCESS IRENE was destroyed by an internal explosion off Sheerness Kent in all 352 men were killed. A girl aged nine was killed by flying debris on the Isle of Grain and wreckage was blown at least 20 miles away injuring people in Sittingbourne. The Official Enquiry showed that the work of priming the lethal mines was being carried out a) in a hurry and b) by untrained personnel.  

POULTER Joseph Norris Seaman 239312 27/05/1915 Aged 25. Born Leeds 18/03/1890 Vol 9b Page 516. Son of Robert and Mary Ann Dufton Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 1879.  

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


30th DECEMBER 1915

HMS NATAL was in the Firth of Cromerty under the Command of Captain Eric Back, He and his wife were hosting a party on board ship and had invited nurses and children to the party. At 15.25 pm an internal explosion ripped through the ship causing her to sink with the loss of 390 persons. The enquiry summised that the explosion was caused by a cordite explosion. Bodys recovered were placed in Rosskeen Cemetery The hull was seen for many years and it was a naval tradition for passing Naval ships to sound off and salute as they passed the wreck.

WILKINS Frederick Thomas J/38940 Boy 1st Class KIA Aged 17. Born New Wortley 01/12/1898 Vol 9b Page 350.  Son of Frederick James and Emily Broadhead Married St Silas Hunslet 1892 Vol 9b Page 433. CWGC 51a Whitehall Road New Wortley.


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

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