City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



  Remembering the 24 men from Leeds who gave their lives during 1914 whilst serving on board His Majesty's Royal Navy during World War One Including the first man from Leeds to lose his life in action.


6th AUGUST 1914 


was off the Thames Estuary searching for the German ship Königin Luise that was laying mines, at 03.30 Königin Luise was sunk and survivers were placed on Board HMS Amphion. At 06:30 am HMS Amphion struck a mine that had been laid by Königin Luise, and then was hit again by the same row of mines at 07:03 am just three minutes after the last boatload of survivors were taken off. The fore magazine exploded, with debris striking the rescue boats and destroyers. One of HMS Amphion's shells burst on the deck of HMS Lark, killing two of HMS Amphion's men and a German prisoner rescued from the cruiser. HMS Amphion sank within 15 minutes of the explosion, with the loss of Around 150 men along with 18 Germans from Königin Luise."

LAVERACK Francis William Able Seaman J/12812 06/08/1914 Aged 19. Francis is possibly the first man from Leeds to be killed in World War One. War was declared at 23.00 hrs on the 04/08/1918 and his ship hit a mine 31 hrs 45 mins later at 06.45 hrs. Born Port of Spain Trinidad West Indies 18/10/1894. Son of Alfred William Born 1860 Died 1921 and Ada CWGC 20 Barkley Grove Beeston. Service Record 46 Linden Road Dewsbury Road Leeds. 1911 Residence 46 Linden Road Hunslet. Occupation Tailor's Cutter. Remembered on Plymouth Naval Memorial. Dewsbury Road St Peters War Memorial Leeds.



05th SEPTEMBER 1914



HMS PATHFINDER              

"The first Royal Navy ship to be sunk by submarine in WW1. Sank 12 miles off the Firth of Forth in four minutes when the forward magazine was hit by a single torpedo at 15.50 hrs from German U Boat U21. There were seventy survivers from a crew of 570."  Film Of Wreck.

WALKER-WALTERS  Vivian Arthur Leading Signalman 228510 05/09/1914 Aged 26. Born Salford 24/02/1888. Baptised St John The Baptist Newtown 24/02/1888 Son of Arthur William and Frances CWGC 11 Grange View Chapeltown. Joined the Navy at the age of 15.


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.


22nd SEPTEMBER 1914


On the morning of the 22nd September 1914 the German submarine U9 under the command of Commander Otto Weddigen sighted the Cruiser's HMS Aboukir, HMS Cressy and HMS Hogue. 

At 06.25 am U9 fired a single torpedo which struck the port side of HMS Aboukir which was under the command of Captain Drummond. Drummond thought that HMS Aboukir had been mined and signalled the two other cruisers to give assistance but he soon realised that it was a torpedo attack and ordered the other cruisers away but it was too late. HMS Aboukir sank at 07.05 am.

HMS Hogue under the command of Captain Nicholson had stopped to lower boats to rescue the crew of Aboukir, thinking that as he was the other side of Aboukir from U9 he would be safe. Unfortunately U9 had manoeuvred around HMS Aboukir and attacked HMS Hogue at around 07.05 am from a range of 300 yards, firing two torpedos the hit her amidships and rapidly flooded her engine room. It took HMS Hogue ten minutes to sink.

HMS Cressy under the command of Captain Robert Warren Johnson, had also stopped to lower boats and sighted U9 periscope fired on the U boat to no efect. At around 7.20 am U9 fired two torpedoes, one of which just missed and one that hit HMS Cressy on the starboard side. The damage to HMS Cressy was not fatal but Commander Otto Weddigen turned U9 round and fired their last torpedo which hit HMS Cressy causing her to sink at around 07.35 am.

In all the total number of men lossed from the three ships was 1,459 with 837 men being rescued. Commander Otto Weddigen and U9 became celebrities in Germany at the time and U9 went on to sink HMS Hawke on the 15th October 1914. On the 26th November 1918 U9 Surrenderedand was broken up at Morecambe in 1919.  Click Here for HMS ABOUKIR Film of Wreck   

CALVERLEY James Armourer 342978 22/09/1914 Aged 33. Born Hunslet 21/01/1881. Son of Samuel and Matilda Raynor Married 1872 St Peter Leeds Parish Church. Service Record states Sister Rosa 12 Kearsley Piece Hunslet. In 1901 was onbard HMS Cyclops. In 1911 James is in Gibralter onbard HMS Berwick. 


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

MONK Henry William Stoker 1st Class SS/103585 (RFR/CH/B/7907) KIA 22/09/1914 Aged 34. Born Whitstable Kent 02/02/1882. Son of William John and Elizabeth Ann Cass Married Bromley 1869. CWGC 25 Springfield Place Leeds.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 06/10/1914


 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.




PRATT George William Stoker SS/100034 1st Class 22/09/1914 Aged 30. Born Seaton Carew Durham 07/06/1884. Son of William and  Henrietta Kirkup Married Thirsk. Husband of Annie Metcalfe Married 28/02/1904 Holy Trinity Church Leeds. Residence 1901 with Uncle Alfred Kirkup in Holbeck Leeds working on Railway. CWGC/1911 Residence 19 Holdsworth Street Hunslet Occupation Stoker in Engineering George had two children Marjorie Gladys 1904 and Ernest 1909.

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.



BOWES Robert Edward Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/5306 22/09/1914 Aged 21. Born Hunslet 10/02/1893. Son of Robert and Clara Willans B 1869 D 1948 Married 1888 Hunslet District Registered Building. CWGC 5 Weston Grove Bath Road Holbeck. Residence 1911 Hotel Alexandra 10 Prospect Place Harrogate Occupation Page Boy.

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

CRAVEN Thomas Petty Officer Stoker 154699 KIA 22/09/1914 Aged 45. Born Armley 09/06/1870. Son of John and Ann 1911 Residence 1 Parrot St Hull. Husband of Clara Macro Born Tottington Norfolk 1866. Married St Pancras London 1902. CWGC 28 St. Giles Lane Thetford Norfolk. Naval Record 1911 Residence Clara 104 C Block Guinness Buildings Draycot Avenue Chelsea. With Daughter Violet B 1904 and Son Thoman B 1907. Thomas Residence 1911 HMS Russell Malta Harbour. CWGC 22 years service Royal Navy 1 year R.F.R. Remembered St Chads Far Headingley.


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

MILNES Jesse Able Seaman 206965 KIA 22/09/1914 Aged 32. Born North Leeds 11/10/1882 Baptised Leeds parish Church 29/10/1882. Son of William and Harriett Kevitt Married Wortley 1874. Husband of Daisy Jenny Young Married Kent 1907. CWGC 12 Moorehouse Terrace Newtown. 1901 Residence HMS Royal Oak in Malta Harbour. 1911 Residence 5 Moorhouse Terrace Newtown Occupation Waiter. Sons Walter B 1908 Kent and David B 1911 Leeds. Brother Edmund lost his life on board HMS Good Hope at Battle Coronal off coast of Chile 01/11/1914. Brother of  Edmund who lost his life on board HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914 Remembered Below.

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial and in De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour.

TURNER George Edward Wireless Telegraph Operator 497WTS Royal Naval Reserve KIA 22/09/1914 Aged 25. Born 28/09/1888 Settle. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Huthersall Married Sttle 1882. CWGC 20 Ella Street Woodhouse Lane. 

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

15th OCTOBER 1914

 HMS HAWKE "was in the North Sea under the command of Captain Hugh Powell Evan Tudor Williams, when she was hit by a torpedo at 11.00 am from the German Subamarine U9. HMS Hawke sank in minutes with the loss of 26 officers and 500 men, 4 officers and about 60 men were saved." 

ABBOTT Albert Able Seaman SS/99 (RFR/CH/B/5365) 15/10/1914 Aged 30. Born New Wortley 1885 Son of John and Rachel Rycroft Married Bradford 1870.  CWGC Bowling Glasgow ?. 1911 Residence living with Brother in Pudsey Occupation Casual Labourer.

 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial. check 1891 1901 Census brothers WW1.

PICKERSGILL Albert Edward Second Lieutenant 294295 15/10/1914 Aged 37. Born 06/11/1876 Normanton. Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Kirk Married Leeds Registered Building. Husband of Mary Blake Married St Michael Buslingthorpe 28/03/1914. CWGC 55 Institution Street Woodhouse.


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

PROCTOR Midgley Able Seaman 163930 (RFR/CH/B/3906) 15/10/1914 Aged 39. Born Bramley 28/03/1875. Son of George and Elizabeth Midgley Married St Peters Leeds 1861. Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Coultate Married Holy Trinity Church Leeds 20/10/1906. In 1907 Midgley joined the Post office. 1911 residence 20 Fountain Street Occupation Post man two sons John Edmund B 1907 and ralph B 1911. CWGC 11 Park Avenue Hyde Park Road. 1901 Residence on board HMS Pembroke. 

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

WHITE Alfred William Stoker 1st Class SS/106882 15/10/1914 Aged 24. Born 22/12/1899 Bermondsey London. Son of Alfred Benjamin and Henrietta Clarke. Married CWGC 7 Highbury Terrace Headingley.

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

18th OCTOBER 1914

HM SUBMARINE "E3" For Details of men who lost their lives Click Here.

The first submarine to be lost in WW1. HM Submarine E3 drifted too far into the River Ems off Borkum Island Germany and was sunk by U Boat 27 Commanded by Bernd Wegener. E3 was on the surface when attacked Wegener reported after that he coiuld observe lookouts, E3 sank within minutes. E3 was found in 1994 Pictures of Wreck. 

BEAL William Alexander K/8664 Stoker 1st Class KIA Aged 21.Born 09/02/1892 Ailsworth Peterborough. Son of Alexander and Ann Mayes Married 1886. Ann Died  1895 Aged 30. Alexander remarried at St Silas Church Hunslet 1899 to Martha Procter. CWGC 11 Branston Terrace Hunslet. 02/04/1911 Residence On Board HMS Jupiter at Portland Weymouth Dorset. Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


1st NOVEMBER 1914



The World War I naval Battle of Coronel took place off the coast of central Chile near the city of Coronel. German Kaiserliche Marine forces led by Vice-Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee met and defeated a Royal Navy squadron commanded by Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock, who was onboard HMS Good Hope. HMS Monmouth commanded by Captain F Brant. Both ships were sank between 19.00 and 20.00 hours on the evening of the 01/11/1914 with the loss of 1,600 Men. The British reorganised and in December 1914 the Battle of the Falklands took place where Vice-Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee on board Scharnhorst lost his life. Out of the German Marine Forces only Dresden survived being Scuttled in Chilean waters four months later.


BOREHAM Charles William Stoker 1st Class SS/103462 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 30. Born New Wortley 29/03/1885. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Ann Briggs Married St John Newtown 1878. Husband of Gertrude Morton Married Christ Church Upper Armley Leeds 10/01/1914. Remarried to James Doherty Leeds Registered Building 1918. CWGC 46 Marshall Street Holbeck. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

CROSLAND John Henry Able Seaman 205430 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 32. Born Holbeck 02/03/1882. Son of Thomas Henry and Sarah Jane Swailes Married Leeds Registered Building 1879. Husband of Gertrude Baker Married Leeds Registered Building 1908. CWGC 12 Ecclesburn Street East Park Parade. 1901 Residence on board HMS Resolution in Gibralter. 1911 Residence 72 Copperfield Grove Occupation Postman. Brother of Sarah Jane who married Samuel King mentioned below. 


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

EDWARDS George Able Seaman SS/1204 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 28. Born Leeds 27/09/1886. Son of William and Mary. Husband of Mary CWGC 3 Robert Street Holbeck. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

KING Samuel Able Seaman 205896 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 32. Born Halifax 04/03/1882. Son of Thomas and Rose Ann Claypole Married Halifax 1879 of Halifax. Husband of Sarah Jane Crosland sister of John Henry Crosland mentioned above. Married Leeds Registered Building 1914. CWGC 231 Cross Green Lane. 1911 Residence on board HMS Superb Portsmouth.


 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

MILNES Edmund Able Seaman SS/1312 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 26. Born Leeds 24/02/1888. Son of William and Harriet Eliza Heald Married Huddersfield 1877. CWGC/1911 Residence 46 Haymount Street Newtown. Occupation assisted in Bakery with Father and brothers. Brother of  Jesse who lost his life on board HMS Hawke 22/09/1914 Remembered Above


 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

ROBSHAW Thomas Arthur Able Seaman SS/1494 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 27. Born Wortley 08/12/1887. Son of John and Mary Jane Boyes Married Driffield 1877. Naval Record John 118 Barnsdale Avenue Hamilton Ontario Canada. 

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WILLIAMS Harold Stoker 2nd Class K/21975 KIA 01/11/1914 Aged 19. Born Leeds 06/01/1895. Son of David and Annie CWGC/1911 Residence 25 Beverley Mount Ladypit Lane Hunslet Occupation Time Office Clerk.


Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. 



BRADSHAW Albert Musician RMB/1825 Royal Marine Band Aged 20. Born Leeds 01/09/1894 Son of William and Lily. 1911 Royal Marine Artillery Barracks And Infirmary Eastney Portsmouth. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

ISSOTT Alfred Vernon Private PLY/15924 Aged 19. Son of Frederick Garnett and Florence.

 Remembered Plymouth Naval Memorial.

LIDDELL Albert Edward Signal Boy J/25199 Aged 17. Born Leeds 21/04/1897. Son of Frank and Sarah Frances Featherstone Married St Matthew Little London Leeds 1896. CWGC 2 Hull Street Green Road Newtown. Remembered Plymouth Naval Memorial.


26th NOVEMBER 1914


Was moored in the River Medway near Sheerness when at 07.35 am she was destroyed by an accidental explosion. She was taking on ammunition at the time and it was reported by eye witnesses that when the smoke disappeared Bulwark had gone taking between 796 men were killed. Click Here

WREST George Austin Sick Berth Attendant M5014 (PO) 26/11/1914 Aged 20. Born Leeds 22/08/1894. Son of George and Emmeline Austin Married St Peter Leeds Parish Church 1879. CWGC 11 Stanmore Avenue St. Michael's Lane Burley. Laid to Rest Bramley St Peters Churchyard.