Leeds WW1 War Memorials

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



 The Royal Navy have an excellent site dedicated to the Battle of Jutland CLICK HERE to learn more.


Details from Wikipedia: at 6:30 Invincible abruptly appeared as a clear target before Lützow and Derfflinger. The two German ships then fired three salvoes each at Invincible and sank her in 90 seconds. At least one 305 mm (12-inch) shell from the third salvo struck her midships 'Q' turret.The shell penetrated the front of 'Q' turret, blew off the roof and detonated the midships magazines, which blew the ship in half. The explosion possibly ignited 'A' and 'X' magazines.Of her complement, 1026 officers and men were killed, including Rear-Admiral Hood. There were only six survivors picked up by HMS Badger.

BALL George Stoker 1st Class K/19982 Aged 21. Born Leeds 05/05/1895. Son of Arthur and Emily Bowes Married 1893 Holy Trinity Armley Hall. CWGC 13 Compton Row Hudson Road Harehills. 1911 Occupation Grocers Clerk. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


BERRIMAN  Fred Leading Stoker 310977 Aged 28. Born Leeds 05/07/1887. Son of John and Margaret Mawson Married 1887 Leeds Registered Building. Remarried to Fred Carrington 1907 St Andrew Leeds. CWGC 9 Ventnor Street Kirkstall Road. Navy Record Aunt Ada Carrington 30 Stanhope Street Kirkstall Road. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

ELLIS William Lavelle Herbert Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/15950 Aged 43. Born Hunslet 26/05/1873 Vol 9b Page 338. Son of Frederick and Alice Holdsworth Married 1872 St Michael Buslingthorpe. Husband of Mary Townend Married All Saints Leeds Vol 9b Page 716. 1911 Residence 15 Burlow Row Hunslet Occupation Boilermaker. Navy Record 4 Primrose Place Hunslet Moor Side. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

FIELDHOUSE William Edwin Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/5352 Aged 19. Born Leeds 23/04/1897. Son of Arthur and Florence Briggs Married 1894 St Luke Beeston Hill. 1911 48 Roseville Road Roundhay. CWGC Brentwood Hydro Villas Cleveleys Blackpool. Native of Leeds.

FOSTER Harry Boy 1st Class J/42649 Aged 17. Born Leeds 10/04/1899 Son of John and Sarah Elizabeth Bentley Married 1893 St Luke Beeston Hill. CWGC/1911 3 Coupland Place Beeston Hill at School. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

GILLON Francis Stoker 1st Class SS/111202 Aged 23. Born Leeds 09/03/1893. Son of John Edward Died 1910 and Annie Maud Lofthouse Married 1888 Leeds Registered Building. Annie Remarried to Fred Greenwood 1913 at St John The Baptist New Wortley. 1911 9 New Inn Street Wortley Occupation Cloth Finisher. CWGC 4 Howden Place Queen's Road Burley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HORSMAN Horace Leading Stoker K/17373 Aged 25. Born Darlington 09/07/1891. Son of Thomas and Polly Parker Married Darlington 1890 Polly Died Leeds 1936. CWGC 19 Goxhill Street Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HULLEY George Stoker 1st Class K/26692 Aged 17. Born 14/11/1896 Ashton Under Lyne. Son of Robert and Winifred Adshead Married 1893 Ashton Under Lyne. CWGC 1911 Residence 52 Dawlish Avenue York Road. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

JACKSON John Thomas Wireman 2nd Class M/17486 Aged 25. Born Leeds 22/05/1891. Son of Edwin and Eliza Ann Ramsden Married 1875 Hunslet. Husband of Gladys Boulby Married 1915 All Saints Leeds. One Son John Thomas Born Leeds 1916 Died Leeds 1995. CWGC 16 Aysgarth Mount Pontefract Lane. Many thanks to John Thomas's Granddaughter Beverley Jackson who has provided the following picture and poignant details:


                                                                   Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

The frame the picture is in was made by Walter he had served in the RFC and was a Cabinet Maker by trade, he had a shop on Domestic Street in Leeds.  It is made from the propeller tip of a WW1 aircraft.  I also have my Grandad's silver medallion engraved 'Leeds Pals' as I believe he and other brothers were members of the Leeds Pals football team. I vaguely remember conversations about another brother who was in the Army but not sure if he survived.  The names I can remember are Fred, Charlie, George, Percy, Walter and my Grandad John Thomas cant remember the other one.  It must have been hard for a family to have multiple sons serving in WW1 but as you can imagine it was very seldom talked about hence my vague memories.  My Grandma lived to her 100th year and only had one wish to be reunited with her beloved husband whom she never stopped loving and dedicated her life to he would have been so proud of her and his son my father.  

MACHAN Edgar Able Seaman J/20116 Aged 20. Born Leeds 09/04/1896. Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Kellett Married 1881 St Peter Leeds. CWGC/Navy Record 41 Ellerby Street Easy Road Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WILLACY Harry Uren Boy 1st Class J/42418 Aged 17. Born Nelson Lancashire 24/11/1898. Son of Edward Francis and Annie Uren Died 1922. Married Barrow in Furness 1889. 1911 Residence 57 Roseville Terrace Roundhay Road.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. 

HMS Indefatigable. She was blown up at 15:48 out of a crew of 900 only 2 (two) survived.

CLARE Rudolph

CUDWORTH Rudolph Clare Able Seaman J/18702 31/05/1916 Aged Born Leeds 28/11/1896 Son of Albert and Ada Ann Wait Married 1891 Hunslet District Registered Building CWGC 8 Endon Street Hunslet. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Brother Harold DOW 12/06/1918 Aged 25.

JACKSON George Petty Officer 237459 31/05/1916 Aged 27. Born Leeds 10/12/1889. Son of George and Elizabeth Miller Married 1879 St Peter Leeds. Navy Record Sister Annie Elizabeth Moss 10 Brownhill Crescent Hudson Road Harehills Married Harry Lawson Moss St Peter Leeds 06/07/1905. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

OLDHAM James Graham Ordinary Seaman J/47988 31/05/1916 Aged 27. Born Leeds 06/12/1888. Son of Albert and Hannah Corner Jefferson Married 08/10/1887 Holy Trinity Church Marylebone Road London. CWGC/Navy Record 38 Bryn Road Swansea South Wales. Native of Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


HMS QUEEN MARY Sank at 16:26 when She exploded after a direct hit on her magazine out of 2,000 lives only 20 survived.  

BROWNRIDGE Arthur Able Seaman J//7135 Aged 23. Born Keighley 01/07/1893. Son of Hartley and Sarah Scholey CWGC 5 Harold Mount Burley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

DUNN James Stoker SS/116520 Aged 19. Born Leeds 29/04/1896. Son of James and Hannah Mary Archdale Married 1891 St Mary the Virgin Middleton. Navy Record/1911 6 Iveridge Street Hunslet. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

LEE Charles Able Seaman J.20266 Aged 19. Born Leeds 26/07/1897. Son of Frederick and Alice Gertrude Navy Record Vincent House Hunslet Lane. 1911 Residence 13 Vincent Place Hunslet. Occupation Apprentice Brass Foundry.


 Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial, And St Mary Church Hunslet.

LEFFLER Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS/107849 Aged 33. Born Leeds 17/06/1884. Son of Frederick and Mary Emma Parker Married Wakefield 1871. Navy Record Brother Herbert 1 Peel Street Kirkstall Road. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

LONNERGAN Alfred Preston Stoker 1st Class 302067 Aged 34. Born Hunslet 02/02/1882. Son of Thomas Died Leeds 1894 Aged 44 and Sarah Ann Bullock Married St Peter with St Cuthbert Hunslet Moor 1887. Navy Record/CWGC 47 Dewsbury Road Hunslet. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.



LUPTON Thomas Henry Stoker 1st Class K/7916 Aged 24. Born Hounslow Middlesex 17/06/1891. Son of Harry and Sophia 1911 47 Jubilee Terrace Woodhouse Street. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

MILNER Thomas Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/15569 Aged 24. Born 1892 Stone Staffordshire Vol 6b Page 26. Son of John William and Sarah Ann Dunwell Married Hunslet District Registered Building 1881 Vol 9b Page 325. 1911 Residence 15 Ladbroke Place Hunslet Occupation Apprentice Enginer Fitter. CWGC 16 Mariner Terrace Dewsbury Road. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial

NOWLAND Louis Able Seaman J/19324 Aged 19. Born Leeds 06/01/1897. Son of Tom and Lucy Fletcher Married St Hilda Knowsthorpe Leeds 1896 CWGC 45 Spring Close Street. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. St Hildas.

O'NEILL John Henry Stoker 1st Class K/19431 Aged 22. Born Godalming Surrey 22/07/1896. Son of and Sarah Navy Record 17 Lindshey Row Off Mabgate Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

SUTTON  Robert Able Seaman J/20245 Aged 18. Born Leeds 23/10/1896. Son of William and Harriet Navy Record 103 Kirkstall Road. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

SWIFT Michael Stoker 1st Class K/24691 Aged 22. Born Leeds 18/11/1894. Son of John and Margaret Rochford Married 1882 Leeds Registered Building. Navy Record 16 Albert Prince Street Wortley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

WRIGHT William Edward Ordinary Seaman J/19322 Aged 20. Born York 14/12/1895. Son of Robert Died Leeds 1916 Aged 44 and Rachel Ann Kendal Married 1893 Kilburn St Mary Northallerton. Rachel Re Married to Carrass ? Navy Record 5 Brooklyn Place Hall Lane Armley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HMS DEFENCE At 18:20 she was hit by two 12inch salvoes from SMS Friedrich der Grosse Admiral Scheer’s flagship and she exploded with the loss of 893 men. 

TEMPEST John William Petty Officer Stoker 299815 Aged 34. Born Leeds 02/02/1883. Husband of Sarah Phillips Married 15/05/1916 St John the Baptist New Wortley. CWGC/Navy Record 2 Danube Street Geldard Road  New Wortley. Remembered Plymouth Naval Memorial.


HMS BLACK PRINCE Was seperated from the rest of the British Fleet and was hit at around 23:35 by by at least twelve heavy shells and several smaller ones from up to five German batttleships which were only 750 to 1500 yards away. Sinking within 15 minutes all of Black Prince's crew a total of 857 were killed.

CLARK Harry Able Seaman J/635 Aged 22. Born Leeds 25/03/1894. Son of Albert and Elizabeth Ann Armitage Married Bramley and Holbeck District Registered Building 1892. CWGC 10 Pollard Street Whitehall Road New Wortley. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

GARRITY Michael Stoker SS/106152 (RFR/PO/B/5710) Aged 27. Born Leeds 22/09/1899 Son of Catherine 1911 in Royal Navy Mediteranean. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

GILLIBRAND Roy Harold Able Seaman J/23811 Aged 18. Born Leeds 19/07/1897. Son of Louis John and Dorothy Murray Married Kings Norton Birmingham 1894. 1911 29 Hadddon Road Kirkstall Road Burley. CWGC1 Woodside Road Portswood Southampton Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

FRESHWATER William Henry Boy 1st Class J/39931 Aged 16. Born Leeds 01/11/1899. Son of George and Annie Maria Ward Married St Peter Morley 25/04/1891. Residence 1911 8 Cleveleys Mount Holbeck. CWGC 16 Euston Grove Elland Road Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

MERRION Sylvester Boy 1st Class J/39949 Aged 17. Born 15/11/1898. Son of John Thomas and Alice Barker Married Leeds Registered Building 1897. CWGC 16 Cavalier Street Bank Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

SAMPLE John William Able Seaman J/24146 Aged 19. Born Spennymore 01/11/1896. Son of George Arthur Died 1908 and Caroline Gooding Married 1896 District of Auckland County Durham. Remmaried to George Stephenson CWGC 12 Wentworth Terrace York Road Leeds. Naval record Caroline Stevenson, 47 Temple View Easy Road. 

Leeds Mercury

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HMS Broke: At 23:40 Hit by the German Ship SMS Westfalen, The helmsman was killed at the wheel, and as he died his body turned the wheel causing the ship to turn to port and ram H.M.S Sparrowhawk. A loss of 50 men on Broke and 20 men on Sparrowhawk.

MYERS William Able Seaman J/28447 Aged 19. Born Leeds 19/07/1896. Son of John William and Elizabeth Bradley Married St Peter Leeds 1887. CWGC/1911 17 Ivy Crescent York Road East End Park Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


HMS NOMAD there were 75 survivors losing 8 crew.

WILES John Leading Seaman J/10448 Aged 21. Born Hunslet 12/04/1895 Vol 9b Page 284. Son of Thomas Storey and Alice English Married 1892 Vol 9b Page 454. St Stephen and St Agnes Burmantofts CWGC "Hazelroyd" Green Lane Whitkirk. Naval Record shows mother residing at the Jail Town Hall Leeds. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.



BUCKLEY John Eustace Ordinary Seaman J/46859 DOW 01/06/1916 Aged 23. Born Leeds 08/07/1893. Son of Fred and Sarah CWGC 112 Woodhouse Lane Leeds. Laid to Rest Kviberg Cemetery Sweden. (Navy Record States Laid to Rest Grundsund Churchyard Grundsund Sweden)

GREETHAM George Edward Stoker 1st Class K/21785 01/06/1916 Aged 22. Born Leeds 11/05/1894. Son of Joseph and Mary Louisa Just Married St Andrew Leeds 1888. CWGC 19 Burley Road Leeds. Remembered on the Naval Memorial Portsmouth.


HMS FORTUNE Sank by a SMS Westfalent at around 23.30 alongside HMS Ardent after both ships engaged four German Cruisers, witnesses claimed 0that Fortune was still firing as she sunk.

METCALFE George Harold Leading Seaman 207310 DOW 01/06/1916 Aged 33. Born 20/03/1883 Cheetham Lancashire. Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Husband of Sarah E Lowe Married 1915 Bramley and Holbeck District Registered Building. Navy Records 15 Highfield Avenue Oldfield Lane Wortley. 1911 George was onboard HMS Essex.

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

HMS Tipperary lost at the Battle of Jutland.

BLAKEY James Henry Ordinary Seaman J/49849 DOW 01/06/1916 Aged 21. Born Millfield Durham 27/06/1895. Son of Henry Thornton and Mary Shotton Married Sunderland 1888. Navy Record 33 Copperfield Grove Cross Green Lane Leeds. Laid to Rest Military Cemetery Fredriksstad Norway.

GREENWOOD Ernest Stoker 1st Class K/29294 Drowned 01/06/1916 Aged 21. Born Leeds 09/01/1895. Son of John Henry and Jane Atkinson Married Leeds Registered Building 1894. Husband of Beatrice Lord Married Baptist Chapel Ebor Gardens Estate York Road 1916 Vol 9b Page 908. CWGC 69 York Road. Remembered on Portsmouth Memorial.